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take action! tour

Take Action! tour was Sunday night at the Webster. :D
Amazing show. Amazing cause.

It really is too bad ourgovernment doesn't give a shit about teenagers.
We can't vote, so why should they waste their money on us?
Makes a lot of sense, really. Psssh.

And you know, anyone out there, if you ever need to talk, I'm here.
I'll always be here to listen whenever you need someone.
And if you don't want to talk to some random LJ kid, 1-800-SUICIDE & 877-YOUTHLINE are there too.

LINEUP; Roses Are Red. Amber Pacific. Chiodos. The Early November. Matchbook Romance.

[don't mind all these cuts. i've never done this before & i'm just trying it out haha.]

I was surprised, cuz thought Roses are Red were playing in the Underground and not the mainstage,
and I really didn't want to miss Chiodos so I was planning on missing Roses Are Red, but it turns out that RAR were actually on the mainstage.
That got me pretty happy from the start.
So the RAR set was pretty sweet.
Not many people there had heard of them I don't think, so not many people were into it, but it's all good.

Amber Pacific was good, but people were like trying to mosh and AP isn't really moshing music but whatevs.
They played Gone So Young & Save Me From Me, which are my favoritess.
Lead singer looked JUST like this kid I used to be friends with, it was kinda wierd.
He was like leaning into the audience and I like held his arm or something idk.
Haha one of the guitarists had a Hit The Lights tee on and it made me happy.
That same guitarist like did a flip off of one of the amps, it was cool.
Later in the show they said he was high. Idk if that's truee.

Like, seriously, I love themmm.
They played 'There's No Penguins in Alaska' & 'Baby, You Wouldn't Last A Minute On The Creek' which are my favorites from them. :D :D :D
People were like redic crazy & pushing alot & just moshing and shit and it was pretty hard, but that just made the set even better.
Lead singer jumped into the crowd. I do believe I touched him. =]
I'd go on but they're like too amazing for wordss haha.

I peaced out for a bit during Early November cuz I had like 23896276489237 random people's sweat on me and I was getting kinda grossed out.
There were a couple of boys out there whose hair was just like dripping with sweat and they were right up against me and I was just like ehh not really into this.
So I just listened and they were really good. Played 'Something Which Produces Results'.

Matchbook Romance had a pretty sweet set. My Eyes Burn was first, Promise was last.
Really good set.

Somewhere inbetween sets I got signatures on some random hoodie I was wearing from Amber Pacific, & a picture with two of those guys and a random equiptment mover person haha.

And then as we were leaving the singer of RAR was standing by the door so I got pictures with him. Yayy.

Chiodos should of sticked around afterwards though, I wanted to talk/get signatures/pictures/whatevs with them most.
It's all good though. Really good show. Really good cause. Loveee.

[  i'll probraly edit in pictures soon. :D  ]
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