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i rhyme sometimes.

i'm so bored.

you'd think the clouds would get tired of pouring their insides out.
but they don't seem to be letting up, what's that about?

soccer fields turned oceans, forget practice.
stuck inside blasting 'there's a class for this'

rhyme schemes, color schemes.
complementary colors like opposing soccerteams.
flash of black&white on a greenscreen.

edit. contrast. angles. crop.
good investment in photoshop.
myspace pictures are such a lie
beauty's in the beholders scene kids' eyes.

i went home early today.
idk if i want to go to school tomorrow.
the only reason i'd go would be so that i could go to soccer.
but it's suppose to keep raining for like a week.
so i doubt there's even gonna be soccer.
who knowssss.
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