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i've got 76 inches & 88 keys.
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Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in overdose_x's LiveJournal:

Friday, July 28th, 2006
10:00 am

look at these and pick one or two you like best,
ugh. no one's going to reply to this.
i have like two friend's on here
since all i use it for is cute.

but myspace is busy taking it up the ass.
whateverrrr haha.


4.)http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f359/cmh_x/583b9fe2.jpg[it's sideways, sry]

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Tuesday, July 25th, 2006
4:23 pm
i like italian ice.
so this week i have photography camp.
and i really like it.
and so i was thinking.
i should try and do this professionally.
because then
i wouldn't have to go to college.
[wasn't planning on it anyways]
and i could dropout of highschool to get a GED
and it would be alright.

and i could get like a job at a store or something aswell.

yeah, that's my life plan.
real promising, hahah.

and i could also work it in with the music field,
and be a photographer at shows and stuff.

and i could do fashion stuff.

i feel optimistic, hahah.
too bad none of this is going to work out
cuz i fail at liiiiife.

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Monday, July 24th, 2006
6:33 am
i don't understand the fucking ignorance!
what the helllllll?!

ugh. whatever.
i have reallllly sweet dvd's that are like pro-veganism and shit.
comment if you'd like one.
i can mail them out so don't worry about having to live near me.
think of me
6:33 am
i miss myspace.
i'm sending out projects today, sorry everyone for it being so late.
photography in 00. (today)
it's about three am and i'm going on a run. losermuch?
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Saturday, July 22nd, 2006
9:49 pm
i'm bored out of my fucking mind.
i'm stuck at home.

i just tried making myself tofu.
i almost barfed when i ate it.

i start photog camp next week.
i'm a loser, and i'm really excited.

i've been at my friend's beach house for like ever, so i haven't been on here much.

i went to an msi show like two days ago and got to hook up with Jimmy Urine, pretty exciting shit.
i'm pretty sure he gave me herpes or something but whatev.

i reallyreallyreally need a new computer.
like, my own computer.
the usb thing doesn't work, so i can't upload pictures onto the computer.
my memory card is full.
it's really annoying.
i have pictures from like four shows on there.

while i was away, my parents decided to clean my room.
my room used to be srsly a disaster area, you couldn't even walk through it.
now it's clean, and disgusting.
and i'm pretty sure they found shit in there that could get me skjhasdjkgh in major trouble.
my sister txted me while i was away and told me they were cleaning it
and i figured they were cleaning it and getting me a new computer for when i got back.
but wait. them? do something nice for me? not possible.
you might think cleaning my room was suppose to be nice
but it was just their way of taking away any eensy bit of privacy i imagined i had.
i don't know where they put all my cd's.
and since the usb thing on this fucking computer is broken, i can't put new music on my ipod.

i hate complaining.
i really do.
i'm sitting here whining about how my computer's broken
when people are out there living on the streets, getting raped, living in poverty w/o food and whatnot.
i'd actually like not being able to afford food though.
maybe i'd be skinny then.
maybe i would have a chance of getting a boy then.
i don't know.
i don't know why i'm writing this.

i really want a boy.
i'm so desperate.
i'd take someone beat as hell.
i'd take someone terribly mean.
all they have to do is pretend to like me.
cuz obvi no one would ever srsly like me.
they can use me for ass or whatever.
and i'd trick myself into thinking they actually cared.
i can't even get someone who's beat.

i think i'm going to go on a run.
i wish myspace was working so i could post a bulletin and meet up with someone.

i'm sick of everything.
i wish i could be a huge bitch.
and get everyone to hate me,
and then i could die without feeling like i let anyone down.
but honestly, the only people who care are my parents
and that's just because they think i'm going to be perfect.
they think i've gotten over all my problems from last year.
yeah right.
they're pretending though.

my friends are just sdhgajksdghlsa.
i've been replaced so freaking much.
my kinda bestfriend would probraly be happy if i died.
then she could have a reason to kill herself too.
not like she actually would. whatever.

don't take any of this seriously.
don't go 1-800-suicide on me.
like i even have to say that.
nobody would even give a shit.
skjaWHATEV. i should get working on my blg/cute projects.


i'm visiting my grandmother tomorrow.
she's dying.
and i can't help but i say i envy her.

this was so pointless.
whatever. <3
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Wednesday, May 17th, 2006
9:35 pm
just really quick.
i doubt anyone will even see this.
but if there's any bands in the hartford, CT area who need people to do merch, contact me?
i'll love you for seriously.

aim; jackandsally198
myspace: myspace.com/jackandsally198
email; cmharrigan@aol.com
or just comment this.

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Monday, May 15th, 2006
3:27 pm
i rhyme sometimes.
i'm so bored.

you'd think the clouds would get tired of pouring their insides out.
but they don't seem to be letting up, what's that about?

soccer fields turned oceans, forget practice.
stuck inside blasting 'there's a class for this'

rhyme schemes, color schemes.
complementary colors like opposing soccerteams.
flash of black&white on a greenscreen.

edit. contrast. angles. crop.
good investment in photoshop.
myspace pictures are such a lie
beauty's in the beholders scene kids' eyes.

i went home early today.
idk if i want to go to school tomorrow.
the only reason i'd go would be so that i could go to soccer.
but it's suppose to keep raining for like a week.
so i doubt there's even gonna be soccer.
who knowssss.
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Wednesday, April 26th, 2006
4:04 pm
take action! tour
Take Action! tour was Sunday night at the Webster. :D
Amazing show. Amazing cause.

It really is too bad ourgovernment doesn't give a shit about teenagers.
We can't vote, so why should they waste their money on us?
Makes a lot of sense, really. Psssh.

And you know, anyone out there, if you ever need to talk, I'm here.
I'll always be here to listen whenever you need someone.
And if you don't want to talk to some random LJ kid, 1-800-SUICIDE & 877-YOUTHLINE are there too.

LINEUP; Roses Are Red. Amber Pacific. Chiodos. The Early November. Matchbook Romance.

[don't mind all these cuts. i've never done this before & i'm just trying it out haha.]






Somewhere inbetween sets I got signatures on some random hoodie I was wearing from Amber Pacific, & a picture with two of those guys and a random equiptment mover person haha.

And then as we were leaving the singer of RAR was standing by the door so I got pictures with him. Yayy.

Chiodos should of sticked around afterwards though, I wanted to talk/get signatures/pictures/whatevs with them most.
It's all good though. Really good show. Really good cause. Loveee.

[  i'll probraly edit in pictures soon. :D  ]
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Wednesday, April 19th, 2006
11:35 am
Okay. I'm a little late but I've been busyy. Spring break rockss.

I went to the CUTE IS WHAT WE AIM FOR<333 // PUNCHLINE<3 // valencia // the new atlantic show in Hartford at the Webster; FUCKING AMAZING. Best night of my life, not even kidding.
Basically CIWWAF = perfection & I'm officially obsessed//inlove.

set; There's A Class For This was first.
i don't really remember the order but they played;
Curse of Curves[with the new-ish ending], Finger Twist & Split, Lyrical Lies, Teasing To Please, & two new songs- Sweet Talk 101 & Newport Life.

While they were playing, I was in fucking heavennn. I didn't stop smiling after they started playing until I like went to sleep.

After they got off stage & moved all their equipment to near their merch table my friend & i went to see if they were around.
Jeff was there and we asked him to sign the hoodies we bought and he was like "Yeah, I'll be right back I just have to go get a pen" and after a bit we were like "Awe, what if he doesn't come back =[" but it's all good cuz he did come back. =]]]
When he was signing it, we saw Tom sitting by the drums like next to the merch table and I asked him to sign it and he goes "Oh I like your hairr. I saw you from the stage and I was like woah that chick has cool hair"
[Currently, my hair is blonde in front, blue in back and black on the layer like underneath]

So we went back and rocked out to Punchline who were sooo good.
We had to leave early and Punchline had only played like three songs but it's alrighttt cuz they're here alot. =]
So I was like "Oh, let's see if Shaant is over by the merch table one last time."
So yeah we asked him to sign our hoodies and he used my back to signnn it on. w00t.
Then my friend got hers signed and we were walking away and he was like "Wait, hug?"
And inside i was just like HELLLLLLLLLLYEAHH!
So we hugged. Amazingg.

Haha I feel like I'm a five year old or somethingg.
But CIWWAF = Love. Plain & Simple.
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Monday, April 10th, 2006
8:29 pm
I'm Christina.
Let's be friends.
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